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    That’s how you people will be there and they will turn me to oyinbo! Avocado toast kwa??? Now my accent is changing, next thing you know my complexion will join😆 @ojuola well done o! Meanwhile, young man if you kick my food ehn! #breakfast #avocadotoast #grateful #proudlynigerian #hookup #wifey
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    Chai! See talent! See inspiration! See creativity! Some people get talent sha. When the bracelets speak to you... Bracelets by @spiceandcharm
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    UPDATE... Waiting for our votes to be counted. #Patience #NigeriaDecides
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    Today we vote. No going back. I’m here to vote and wait for my vote to be counted. #NigeriaDecides
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    I have voted. It remains my victory dance. #NigeriaDecides
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    So we took some time for a quick snack. We’re still here counting though. #NigeriaDecides
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    Are we even counting right now? We sound so dispirited. Is it because it’s not our party of choice? #StillCounting #NigeriaDecides
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    Repost from @bankywellington . @inecnigeria pls see evidence that at Polling unit code 24-08-09-013 in Ikoyi, staff did not provide any ballot papers for House of Reps. Voters have been told to only vote for Senate and President. We will be closely watching the final tally to ensure that NO votes for House of Reps in this unit are counted. My people, pls repost.
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    This is what it sounds like when we’re winning. #Winning #NigeriaDecides
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    If our elections weren't important, no one would try to rig it. If we don't matter, there'd be no campaigns, no Bribes, no inducement. . We matter. . We're the ones who would benefit the most from a good government and the ones who have lost the most from bad ones. That's why even though the powers that be have done their worst by postponing the elections, we need to show them our force of determination. We need to stand up and by our actions say 'do your worst, we die here' . So let's go out and vote. Let's exercise our rights. As you vote, please keep in mind that there's no good side to a bad coin and there's no such option as the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil, period. Our sacrifice today is for our happiness tomorrow. We decide. . S/O to @itspunchline and @teamdefinition for this. These are the kinds of collaborations we clamor for. The revolution has begun guys, let's keep the fire burning. . #letsvote #wedecide #teamdefinition #itspunchline #ourfutureisinourhands #greatness
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    All these artistes shouting “let’s go let’s go” when they’re performing, where are you going? My friend come on sing! #Nonsense
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    I still can’t believe this! This is unbelievable! What’s going on here! Don’t we matter at all! The hell!!!!! #NigeriaDecides